Sunday, April 6, 2014

Los Angeles here we come!

 Last year Jas and I decided on a big life change and begun plans to relocate our family to Los Angeles, California. For my film editing husband Hollywood is undoubtedly the place to call home so we tried our luck and applied for work visas......the rest is history!
A little detour on our walk home from school
The decision wasn't an easy one especially when faced with all the requirements to make it our reality. Jas managed hurdles such as leasing our home, packing our belongings and finding new schools for our children. I tackled the challenge of making Touch Interiors & Complete Pad  truly virtual for ease of operation.
My new morning walk might not be Balmoral but still very fulfilling & inspiring!

All the hard work and risk we faced has certainly paid off. It has been a huge lesson reinforcing that when you act out of trust and embrace well intentioned change the universe flows and opportunity and reward effortlessly unfold.

Darci with her idol Minnie Mouse

The long awaited Disneyland bribe was of course something Jas and I needed to fulfil ASAP!!!! Still jet-lagged we kept our promise.
Jas' first Hollywood gig started a few weeks ago cutting the CBS pilot "Battle Creek", Bryan directing with Vince Gilligan (Breaking Bad) and David Shore (House MD) as writer/producer. It didn't take him long to find his first job and luckily for me he was by my side for the first month to help settle the family and familiarise ourselves with our new LA life.

Once we had the kids settled in school I made a beeline for here. Fred Segal is a co-op of designer fashion and a favourite of mine.

Venice Beach coffee shop

And after a bit of searching I found great coffee made just the way we like it back home!

We are lucky enough to be living by the beach in Santa Monica so scootering up & down
and stopping here for afternoon tea is a regular treat.
Johnny Rockets milkshakes
Me dreaming of owning this Jerome Dreyfuss bag

Walking down Third Street Promenade on our way home from school is dangerously exciting. Loads of buskers, shops, and happy hour restaurants where kids eat for free!


The week we arrived from Australia our mates Craig and Eric had their engagement party at their gorgeous home in Silver Lake. Eric was very excited to show us their new home cinema....

......Jas was drooling with envy!
Weekends are busy exploring our new world.....and Las Vegas was high on the agenda.
We have many other small trips planned including a 4 day stint in Palm Springs and two weddings in New Orleans and Mexico.

The Beetles Love sign

The Vegas Strip

We lived in LA for almost one year back in 2007 so we are fortunate to have good friends here. Hugh was only 6 months when we ventured over so I had the opportunity to make some great friendships at the local YMCA during our Mommy and Me classes.

Carly & Jason's cubby in their gorgeous Hollywood backyard

Catching up with my gorgeous friend Diane looking down Third Street Promenade

One of our favourite people Heath at El Cholo

Catching up with everyone has been very special.

0ur visit to Travel Town train museum

Hugh's school Film Festival

The school we chose for Hugh has been the perfect fit and we are so excited to be sending the girls there next year. This week the older students screened their short films with a red carpet event. That's Hugh in the foreground with his blue tee-shirt playing the role of a die hard fan!

Ash exploring the new play equipment

The best thing about being over here is that everything is new. Life is constantly stimulating us and arousing our senses. Not to mention the recent earthquakes which were certainly an experience!

BBQ at our new friends Brentwood Home

End of school term celebrations

Meeting new people has also been a highlight. It's no secret that we love Americans and feel very energised & creative around them. Jas and I both love their positive opinions which always seem devoid of judgement.

Of course home is always in our hearts and last night as Hugh wrapped for end of term I continued the traditional of celebrating with a bottle of bubbles and contacted a few girlfriends back home.

With Darci starting preschool now I hope to have a bit more time on my hands to blog some more.
So stay tuned fellow Space Healers I have some exciting new projects to share with you soon.
I hope you are all well.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Take me away....

Hello long lost's been a while I'm sorry.
I have been busy, oh so busy. I am tired, oh so tired. But I have been dreaming and the future is magnificent.
This year, 2013, has been tough. Full of wonderful accomplishments and challenging changes.....
I am looking forward to a long Christmas holiday sitting peacefully somewhere that feels like this. Where a constant state of calm washes over me and where I can be still long enough to inspire a new horizon and adventure in 2014.

I hope you are all very well.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Instagram the new blog alternative

I must say I am having so much fun on instagram. I have met many like-minded people and I am loving getting my daily fix of visual stimulation.

One of my new friends, Donna, from Nest Emporium (she owns a beautiful homewares shop in Thirroul NSW), started an instagram challenge called ‘5 Things Confessional’. She put me up to the challenge and in the spirit of instagram I couldn’t decline.

Here’s my post where you may learn just a little more about me;

Oh boy @nestemporium has nominated me for #5thingsconfessional here we go;

1/ I wanted to impress my motor biking boyfriend (now husband), so much that I secretly went to get my motor bike license. I dismally failed when my neck froze from fear. But according to him failing was the best surprise ever.

2/ I am super sensitive to energy. Around both people and space. I consider myself a space healer. Then an interior designer. Touch Interiors was named 'Touch' because I have a huge fascination with texture and surfaces. Their energetic properties and the way they make us feel. My selections are always dictated by choosing the right texture first then the right colour.

3/ The happiest time in my life was becoming a mother for the first time and taking our new born son to LA for 7 months while Jas cut a film. I have a deep affinity with America and Americans. I love their positivity, their directness and their Anthropologie where I seriously hyperventilated when I first walked into their Santa Monica store.

4/ I have an unbiased appreciation for many design styles. I don't think I'll ever have a signature style. I certainly can't see it in my own work, can you?

5/ I love Instagram so much. I love being part of a community that allows me to share the beauty I see in my world. And I love seeing the beauty in yours too. I love that I can enter this world absolutely whenever I want. I love that I can get a social fix lying on my sofa all by myself.

Thank you new insta friends. B x

If you thought about joining the instagram bandwagon I highly recommend giving it a go. It’s easy, fast and so so fun. Make sure you pop by and say hello to me if you do.


Monday, October 22, 2012

It has been a busy few months

Hello lovely people out there. It has been a while I know.
And gosh does it feels great to be back here.
I have been in a cloud of creation...busy working on a dream.
Almost 8 months ago over a fateful coffee with a very dear colleague Patricia, the decision was made to get my (now our) vision for Complete Pad off the ground. I am very excited to announce that the first of 4 very exciting new features for Complete Pad will go live next month and I am eagerly waiting this long anticipated moment.
An enormous amount of love, energy & devotion has gone into making it a reality and there is still a lot more to be done before the rest of our vision is realised. An enormous thanks to Patricia for her sheer brilliance and dedication in getting us to the point we are at. I thought I'd share a snippet from our new look with you here today.

My Touch Interiors website will also get a spruce up, embarrassingly overdue I know.
Other exciting news includes being selected for the Australian House and Garden magazine Top 50 Rooms edition again this year. Thank you H&G for including me amoungst such fine talent.

I was also honoured to be feature in Adore's lovely Blissfull Bedrooms feature too.

The girls at Touch have been busy working on a few exciting projects too. Collaborating with the gorgeous Cathy we have been selecting furniture and fittings for a wonderful new bar that opend this week in Crows Nest. The friends and family night was alot of fun and it was so good to see everything in place and looking so fabulous. I hope to have pictures to show you soon.
And to add some more chaos to my busy life I have had floor sanders, carpenters, electricians, painters, wallpaperers and landscapes at our home for the past few weeks. Things are starting to really take shape and it is starting to really feel like home. I just need to find a few moments to get Jas to take some decent pics to share.
I hope you are all well, happy and inspired.
Until next time!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

I'm on Instagram

It has taken me a while but I am finally on Instagram and I think I have found my preferred social networking medium.

This is fun (and quick)!

This was my first photo I shared on instagram showing the view out my office window.

My instagram name is bronwynpoole.

Are you on Instagram too? Let me know.


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Marie Olsson Nylander

The stunning home of Swedish interior designer Marie Olsson Nylander sure makes for some stunning images.

Curated colour, earthy texture, rustic elements, lots of white, playful proportions,

and all combined with interesting, unexpected, vintage and most successfully, what appears to be, meaningful pieces.

Love Love...

love love!

And WOW the bones of her home...well that helps doesn't it.

Enjoy this inspiration. I know I have.


Thursday, August 2, 2012

Manuel Canovas Fabrics

Am I in a dream?

Fabric stunningness in abundance.

And this beaded trim....divine doesn't quite cut it.